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Solve These 3 Common Challenges Faced By Most Mentors, Coaches & Consultants
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Challenge #1: Acquiring Clients
They Don't Have A Robust System Which Constantly Generates New Clients On Autopilot
Most mentors, coaches and consultants rely heavily on traditional, slow and often outdated tactics and strategies in order to acquire their clients. Whilst of course some do work, they are largely inefficient, time consuming and costly.

And of course when we find ourselves in challenging times, as we do right now, you need a sales system and funnel that runs on autopilot which generates a constant stream of HOT leads and clients for you 24/7, without you having to leave the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Technology of today provides you with that opportunity but of course it takes considerable cost, expertise, time and application to build an automated sales system. 

But when you join The Mentors Guild  you instantly get a proven, fully personalised, and automated set of sales funnels, landing pages (web pages that convert) and email campaigns.  All DONE-FOR-YOU. Register for the web class and discover exactly how it's done...
The challenge is not just acquiring clients... it's acquiring them at the RIGHT fee. Most coaches, mentors and consultants charge  far less than what their expertise or services deserve.

That's because they don't have a powerful 'M.A.P.' (Mentoring Attraction Package).

Your M.A.P. is the solution to finally being able to command the right fee level. But how do you put an effective M.A.P. together? And what components are absolutely crucial to ensuring your M.A.P. is irresistible to clients, affordable to them and at the same time lucrative to you?

That's the key question and during the web class we'll explain exactly how to do it.
Challenge #2: Charging The Right Fee
When Clients Are Acquired, The Fees Generated Are Commonly A Lot Lower Than They Should Be 
Challenge #3: Keeping Clients
Often Clients Pay For Just A Few Months, Rather Than Many Months, Or Even Years
Acquiring clients at the right fee, is just the beginning.

To become really successful... you must keep them long term.
However, for most coaches, mentors and consultants, this is very much a rarity.
The key to retaining clients long-term is being able to deliver consistent results. But how do you create a system that delivers consistent results to your clients?
Well, during the web class you’ll discover that as a member of the Guild, your clients get direct access to such a system.
A Few Comments From Members...
You Can Achieve Similar Results When You Join The Mentors Guild...

David Watt
Kershaw Partners

"The system gave me the confidence and the skills to work with any business owner. We now are working with over 25 clients."

Eloise Gibbons
Your Growth Partner

"With the tools, training and systems in the Guild, I've acquired leads and a number of mentoring clients. Everything has been done for me!"

Jon Tompkins
Infomatrix Solutions

"The system is awesome and the support from the team is exceptional. I'm working with a dozen clients in varying different industries."

Lucy Gilchrist
POD Limited

Delighted with the depth of the training and the systems in the Guild to help us get valuable clients. It's made a real difference to my income and the clients I work with."

Boomy Token
Start Your Own Academy

"It's a truly world-class system. One strategy I added generated £3,000 to my mentoring business in the first month alone."

Belinda Walton
Belinda Walton Consulting

"My experience so far is the guys really do deliver on their promises. The Guild is incredible. The 21-Day Launch Pad Training is exceptional. It does seem too good to be true, but don't procrastinate, it's fabulous."
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